Thysanoptera (Thrips) Information

The following list gives access to a wide range of information, including images, about insects in the Order Thysanoptera the thrips.
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Stephanothrips occidentalis

Introduction to thrips

Laurence Mound staff page

Laurence Mound publication list (PDF 176kb, last updated December 2010)

Thysanoptera (Thrips) of the World a checklist

World Thysanoptera indentification and resources

ThripsID - An Identification and Information System to Thrips Pests of the World (cd-rom)

Pest thrips of the world - visual and molecular identification of pest thrips (cd-rom)

Evolution of Ecological and Behavioural Diversity: Australian Acacia Thrips as Model Organisms (book, see some sample pages)

Thrips of California

Thrips & Tospoviruses - Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Thysanoptera, July 2001

Australian thrips - checklists and images

Australian Acacia thrips - associated only with Australian phyllodinous Acacia species

Australian Anaphothrips

Australian Sericothripinae

An ectoparasitic thrips

Long tailed thrips

Thrips training course


Other thrips resources (external links, opens new window)

Australian Thysanoptera catalogue

Diagnostic photomicrographs of pest thrips

Scirtothrips of Australia

Predatory thrips

Thrips collaborators (external links, opens new window)

Mark Hoddle, California

Joe Funderburk, Florida

William Kirk, UK

Gerald Moritz, Germany