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Futures Modelling


Melbourne cityFutures modelling brings together information about the environment, community needs and the economy to produce scenarios that can be used in decision making.

CSE is a leader in futures modelling and undertakes research in the area to improve the prosperity and quality of life in Australian communities.

Working with rural and urban communities, CSE applies futures modelling to provide them with strategies, tools and principles to help plan and invest in their future to help maintain and sustain ecosystems, biodiversity and long-term growth.

Futures modelling is also used in the Government and various industries to help make decisions on planning and policy.

Further information about our research achievements in this area can be found in the following reports:

Balancing Act logobullet Balancing Act - The 2005 report from this project by scientists from CSIRO and the University of Sydney is a world first.

It looks across 135 industry sectors of the Australian economy and highlights sustainability challenges for different industries and pinpoints areas in the production chain where a focussed effort would make a significant difference.

bullet Future Dilemmas - Future Dilemmas is a technical report that encapsulates the results of research examining the impact will the size of Australia's future population have on the environment, the physical economy, the national infrastructure and our quality of life? To gain insights into what the future might hold for Australia, researchers developed new tools and approaches to modelling Australia's dynamic physical economy.

bullet Future Sustainability of the Australian Grains Industry - Like many industries around the world, the Australian grains industry is keen to ensure its long-term sustainability. This analysis took a long-term, strategic view of the grains industry within the context of agriculture as a whole, rural landscapes and regional economies.

bullet The Ecosystem Services Project examined the importance of correctly valuing the benefits given to us from the ecosystems in which we live.

Current Research

bulletResource Futures Program - The Resource Futures program is focused on improving the prosperity and quality of life in Australian communities. Researchers working on systems accounting, and scenarios area apply scenarios and futures models to examine future planning options for Australia.

bulletTwinCam Futures - TwinCam Futures is a new and innovative research partnership that will build regional capacity in Campbelltown and Camden for exploring the opportunities and risks of a range of possible future development pathways.

bullet Assessing develpment sustainability

bullet Alternative transport fuels: prospects and impacts

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