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AICN 1. Common Names
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cabbage aphid
cabbage aphid parasite
cabbage cluster caterpillar
cabbage leafminer
cabbage moth
cabbage white butterfly
cabbage white butterfly parasite
cabbage white butterfly parasite
cabbage white butterfly pupal parasite
cabbage whitefly
cabbage-centre grub
cabbage-centre grub
cacticans mealybug
cactus mealybug
cactus mealybug
Cairns birdwing butterfly
Cairns hamadryad
California maple aphid
callitris clinker
calperum gumleaf katydid
caltrop moth
camel biting louse
camel bot fly
camel crickets, cave crickets
camel fly
camel sucking louse
camellia bud mite
camellia rust mite
camellia scale
Camerons cave millipede
Camerons cave pseudoscorpion
canary fly {TS}
Canberra raspy cricket
Canberrian brown leafhopper
canefield rat louse
cannibal ants
cannibal mite
canopus butterfly
cape gooseberry budworm
Cape York aeroplane
Cape York birdwing butterfly
Cape York dragon
Cape York hamadryad
Cape York pearl white
Cape York tiger
caper gull
caper white
caper white
Capri fig wasp
Capricorn cave beetle
carcass beetles
carder bee
carduus flowerhead gall fly
carinate cannibal ant
carmine spider mite
Carnarvon darner
Carnarvon evening darner
Carnavon tigertail
carob moth
carrion beetle
carrot aphid
carrot weevil {TS}
cascade funnelweb spider
case moths
casebearer moths
casemaking clothes moth
casemaking clothes moth
casemaking clothes moth
casemaking clothes moth
casemaking clothes moth
casemaking clothes moth
cassava red mite
cassia butterfly
caster oil looper
casuarina mealybug
cat flea
cat follicle mite
cat mange mite
catabena moth
Cataract Gorge cave spider
Cataract Gorge snail
catbiting louse
cattle follicle mite
cattle tick
cattlebiting louse
cattlepoisoning sawfly
caudata canegrub
cave duskhawker
cave harvestman
cave reedling
cedar bushbrown
cedar shoot caterpillar
cedar tip moth
celery fly
cellar snail
central peakesia
centralian meat ant
cephenes blue
cereal aphid parasite
cereal curculio {SA}
cereal mealybug
cereal rust mite
chaff scale
chalcopterus beetle
chalk white
chalky percher
chameleon grasshopper
changa mole cricket
chaostole skipper
charcoalwinged percher
checkered beetle predator
cheese flies
cheese mite
cheese skipper
Cheeseman's fruit fly
chequered blue
chequered grass-skipper
chequered sedge-skipper
chequered swallowtail
cherry aphid
cherry lopper
chevron cutworm
chevron looper moth
chief earwig
chigger mites
Childers canegrub
Children's stick insect
Chilean predatory mite
chilli thrips
chinch bugs
Chinese black mirid
chinese junks
Chinese wax scale
chink jumping spider
chocolate argus
chocolate shield ant
chocolate-band snail
chondrilla gall midge
chondrilla gall mite
Chopard's spider katydid
chorioptic mange mite
Christmas beetle
Christmas Island cicada
Christmas Island earwig
Christmas spiders
Christmas spiders
Christmas swallowtail
chromolaena gall fly
chrysanthemum aphid
chrysanthemum gall midge
chrysanthemum thrips
chrysomelid beetle
chrysotricha skipper
cicada killer
cigarette beetle
cineraria leafminer
cineraria moth
cinnabar moth
cinnamon capraxa
circle-tipped mistfly
circular black scale
circular black scale parasite
citricola scale
citrine threadtail
citrine-headed riverdamsel
citrophilous mealybug
citrophilus mealybug parasite
citrus blackfly
citrus branchborer
citrus bud mite
citrus flat mite
citrus flower moth
citrus fruit weevil
citrus gall wasp
citrus katydid
citrus leaf vagrant mite
citrus leafeating cricket
citrus leafeating weevil
citrus leafminer
citrus leafminer parasite
citrus leafminer parasite
citrus leafroller
citrus longicorn
citrus mealybug
citrus mealybug parasite
citrus mealybug predator
citrus planthopper
citrus red mite
citrus rind borer
citrus root-bark
citrus rust mite
citrus rust thrips
citrus snow scale
citrus truckborer
cizara hawk moth
Clara's satin moth
clasping bush cricket
clavate scale
clavicle tigertail
clearwing dock moth
clearwing moths
clearwing persimmon borer
clerodendrum aphid
click beetles
climbing maidhair pyralid moth
climena crow
clothes moths
clouded footman
clover casebearer
clover mite
clover mite
clover springtail
clubbed shutwing
clubbed trigger ants
cluster caterpillar
coastal brown ant
coastal evening darner
coastal flatwing
coastal flumed sugar ant
coastal marauding katydid
coastal pearl white
coastal petaltail
coastal valanga
coastal whistling spider
cobalt pea-blue
cobweb spider
cochineal scales
cocksfoot grub
cocksfoot midge
cocksfoot thrips
cocktail ant {WA}
cocoa moth
cocoa pod borer
coconut leaf beetle
coconut leaf hispa
coconut spiked moth
coconut sugar ants
coconut whitefly
codling moth
coffee bean weevil
coffee hawk moth
coffee mealybug
coffee root mealybug
colonial spider
colourful bluetail
colourful gondwanan katydid
colourful yeelana
combfooted spiders
Commalie pin
common ablectia
common adreppus
common aeroplane
common albatross
common ambrosia beetle
common anthelid
common antlion
common archtail
common armoured sugar ant
common armyworm
common auger beetle
common Australian anopheline
common banded awl
common banded mosquito
common bandwing
common barea moth
common bluestreak
common bluetail
common brown
common brown earwig
common brown earwig
common brown leafhopper
common brown ringlet
common bumblebee
common burrowing cockroach
common centipede
common cotton looper
common cutworm
common dart
common depperia
common duck louse
common dusky-blue
common eggfly
common epicoma moth
common eucalypt longicorn
common euophistes
common eupselia moth
common flatwing
common froglet ant
common furnace ant
common garden katydid
common garden snail
common garden springtail
common gesonula
common ghost moth
common glider
common goat louse
common grass cricket
common grass yellow
common grass-blue
common gum emerald
common happarana
common heath moth
common hide beetle
common hover fly
common hover fly
common humpbacked fly
common imperial blue
common jezabel
common kosciuscola
common lagoonia
common longicorn beelte
common longtailed cricket
common macrotona
common marauding katydid
common marsupial tick
common methana
common migrant
common money spider
common montane grasshopper
common moonbeam
common mud daubler
common netcasting spider
common northern dung beetle
common northern plug ant
common oak-blue
common paperwasp {WA}
common pardillana
common passalid beetle
common peakesia
common pearl white
common pencilled-blue
common pennant ant
common pighead
common pillbug
common praxibulus
common protolechia moth
common psednura
common pygmy grasshopper
common pyrgomorph
common red-eye
common retuspia
common seabird tick
common shining cockroach
common shutwing
common silver xenica
common slater
common sluggish katydid
common southern balloonwinged katydid
common spitting spider
common splendid ghost moth
common spotted ladybird
common striped grasshopper
common swift
common tit
common toadhopper
common tropical sharptail
common urnisa
common valentine ants
common vinegar fly
common water measurer
common whirligig beetle
common whistling moth
common white-spot skipper
common woodlouse
composite thrips
cone blue
coned tyrant ants
conehead darner
confused flour beetle
confusing austroicetes
confusing field cricket
confusing gumleaf katydid
confusing spurthroated locust
consobrina canegrub
convex pony ants
convolvulus hawk moth
Cooktown azure
Cooloola monster
coon bug
Cootamundra wattle psyllid
copper ant-blue
copper jewel
copper pencilled-blue
copperwinged grasshopper
coral jewel
Corinna caddis fly
corn aphid
corn earworm
corn thrips
cornsap beetle
correa brown
corroboree cicada dark form
cosmopolitan grain psocid
cosmopolitan ground beetle
cosmopolitan nest mite
cosmopolitan springtail
cossid moth
cotton aphid
cotton aphid parasite
cotton bollworm
cotton fleahopper
cotton harlequin bug
cotton jassid
cotton leafhopper
cotton leafperforator
cotton looper
cotton mirid bug
cotton plant bug
cotton springtail
cotton stainer
cotton stalkgirdling beetle
cotton tipworm
cotton webspinner
cotton whitefly
cottonseed bug
cottony bamboo mealybug
cottony camellia scale
cottony citrus scale
cottony cushion scale
cottony flavicans scale
cottony grass scale
cottony hopbush scale
cottony loranthi scale
cottony pigface scale
cottony salicornia scale
cottony saltbush scale
cottony Sydney scale
cottony thompson scale
cottony urbicola scale
couch flea beetle
couch mite
couchgrass mite
couchgrass mite
couchgrass scale
couchgrass webworm
couchtip maggot
cowboy beetle
cowpea aphid
cowpea weevil
crab louse
crab spiders
crabgrass leaf beetle
crane flies
crazy ant
cream spotted ichneumon
crepitating spurthroat
crested katydid
crested teatree moth
crested tooth grinder
crexa moth
cribrate weevil
crimson spider mite
crimson tiger moth
crocea skipper
crofton weed crown borer
crofton weed gall fly
croites skipper
Croker's frother
crop mirid
crotalaria moth
crotalaria podborer
croton mussel scale
crow eggfly
crusader bug
crypt ants
crystal snail
Cuban laurel thrips
cuchoo wasp
cuckoo bee
cuckoo bee
cuckoo bees
cuckoo bees
cuckoo bees
cucumber fly
cucumber moth
cucurbit ladybird
cucurbit shield bug
cucurbit stemborer
Cumberland land snail
cup moths
cup ringtail
cupboard spider
cuprea ant-blue
curculio beetle {SA}
currant borer moth
currant bud mite
currant bud moth
curtain web spider
custard apple thrips
cyane jewel
cyanophyllum scale
cycad blue
cyclamen mite
cylindrical auger beetle
cymbalaria aphid
cynone skipper
cypress aphid
cypress bark beetle
cypress bark weevil
cypress jewel beetle
cypress longicorn
cypress pine aphid
cypress pine sawfly
cyprotus blue
Cyril's brown


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