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AICN 1. Common Names
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sac spiders
sac spiders
sad ground beetle
Sally's grass katydid
salt & pepper clepsydia
saltbush blue
saltbush planthopper
saltbush spider mite
saltmarsh culex
saltmarsh mosquito
saltpan blue
saltwater mosquito
salvinia grasshopper
salvinia moth
salvinia weevil
samphire blue
San José Scale
sand fairy
sand grasshopper
sand scorpion {WA}
sand wasps
sandal-box hawk moth
Sandow's heath katydid
sandstone ochre
sapphire azure
sapphire flutterer
sapphire moonbeam
sapphire rockmaster
satin azure
satin blue
satin moth
satin opal
satin-green forester
Saunder's case moth
Saussure's sluggish katydid
savanna bigheaded ants
savanna black tree ant
savanna spiny ant
savanna strobe ant
sawtoothed beetle
scab mites
scabies mite
scale-eating caterpillar
scale-eating ladybird
scalloped grass yellow
scalyleg mite
scarab beetles
scarab flies
scarlet jezebel
scarlet percher
scavenger beetle
Schayer's grasshopper
sciron skipper
scorpion flies
scorpiontailed spider
Scotch broom psyllid
Scotch grey
scribblygum moth
scrofa hawk moth
scrub darter
scrub typhus mite
scuttle flies
sea lion follicle mite
seabird soft tick
seabird tick
seashore earwig
seaside earwig
sebaceous gland mite
seed bugs
seed chalcids
seed mite
seed weevils
seedharvesting ant
seedharvesting ant
seedling bean midge
semilooper moth
senecio moth
sensitive plant psyllid
senta skipper
sewage springtail
Seychelles scale
shallot aphid
sharkfined dolly ants
sharkskinned pony ant
sheep body louse
sheep face louse
sheep follicle mite
sheep foot louse
sheep itch mite
sheep ked
sheep nasal bot fly
sheep scab mite
Shelford's cockroach
Shell wattle goat moth
shelled slug
she-oak moth
Sheperd's footman
shield ants
shield bugs
shield huntsman spiders
shieldbacked trapdoor spider
shielded bush cricket
shining cerulean
shining diurnal cockroach
shining oak-blue
shining pencilled-blue
shiny pasture scarab
shiny spider beetle
shore bugs
shore flies
short heel flies
shortlegged harvestmen
shortnosed cattle louse
short-tailed duskdarter
short-tipped bluestreak
shortwinged heath grasshopper
shortwinged spider katydid
shouldered brown
shrubby stylo truckborer
sida leaf-feeding beetle
sida stemboring weevil
sigma darner
signal flies
silent leafrunner
silkworm moths
silky azure
silky hairstreak
silky jewel
silky lacewings
silky oak leafminer
silky snail
silver dewdrop spider
silver fir adelgid
silver hedge-skipper
silver ord spider
silver striped beetle
silver sugar ants
silver wisp
silver xenica
silverbirch branchcutter
silver-chequered ochre
silvered skipper
silverleaf whitefly
silver-spotted ochre
silver-spotted skipper
silverspotted sluggish katydid
silver-studded ochre
silvery vagabond spider
similar balloonwinged katydid
Simson's stag beetle
Singapore ant
sirex parasite
sirex parasite
sirex parasite
sirex parasite
sirex parasite
sirex parasite
sirex wasp
sitona egg parasite
sitona weevil
sitona weevil parasite
six line-blue
six-spot skipper
six-spotted mite
six-spotted thrips
Skiny mole cricket
skipper flies
slender bush katydid
slender duck louse
slender duskhawker
slender emerald
slender goose louse
slender green mantid
slender gumleaf grasshopper
slender heath katydid
slender mudnest builders
slender pigeon louse
slender red weevil
slender reedling
slender ringtail
slender sac spider
slender silent bush cricket
slender skimmer
slender tigertail
slender tree cricket
slender turkey louse
slender wiretail
slenderlined longicorn
slippery little pillar snail
Sloane's wingless cockroach
slow-chirping mottled field cricket
sluggish snout-nosed katydid
small alpine xenica
small ant-blue
small balloonwinged katydid
small banana weevil
small bird-dropping spider
small bottle cicada
small bronze azure
small brown azure
small brown crow
small brown mantids
small citrus butterfly
small copper
small cypress jewel beetle
small darter
small dingy skipper
small dune snail
small dung flies
small dusky-blue
small false wireworm
small false wireworm
small false wireworm
small fanwinged katydid
small fruit-tree borer
small grass yellow
small green blowfly
small greenbanded blue
small gumleaf katydid
small hairy maggot blowfly
small hive beetle
small house fly
small iris-skipper
small lucerne weevil
small mango tip borer
small meadow katydid
small oak-blue
small orange ochre
small pasture scarab
small pearl white
small pied blue
small pigeon louse
small plague grasshopper
small pointed snail
small pointed snail
small pond dragonfly
small pond snail
small powderpost beetle
small purple line-blue
small reedling
small shieldbacked katydid
small striped slug
small swayer
small thistle moth
small tigertail
small yellow grass-dart
smalleyed flour beetle
smalltail line-blue
smiling mono ants
smoke fly
smoky buzzer
smoky mouse louse
smokybrown cockroach
smooth epaulet ants
smooth foaming ants
smooth slater
smooth spider beetle
smooth sucking lice
smootheyed bush-brown
snail-killing flies
snake mantid
snake mite
snake tick
snapdragon aphid
snappy detritus ants
snappy gremlin ants
snipe flies
snipe flies
snout mites
snout moths
snuggle-pot ants
social bees
social wasp
social wasps
social wasps
sod webworm
soft brown scale
soft dolly ants
soft scales
soft ticks
softwinged flower beetles
soil springtail
Solander's brown
solanum fruit fly
soldier beetle
soldier flies
solemn gremlin ant
sombrero spider
sorghum bermius
sorghum head caterpillar
sorghum meadow katydid
sorghum midge
sorghum shieldbacked katydid
sororia canegrub
soursob mite
South African citrus thrips
South African emex weevil
southcentral pyrgomorph
southeastern austroicetes
southeastern petaltail
southern armyworm
southern austroicetes
southern balloonwinged katydid
southern bearded sugar ants
southern bearded tyrant ants
southern black sugar ant
southern broadnosed killer ants
southern broad-nosed spiny ant
southern cascade darner
southern dart
southern dragon
southern dung beetle
southern eucalyptus leaf beetle
southern evening darner
southern false wireworm
southern fanged mono ants
southern funnelweb spider
southern giant darner
southern grass-skipper
southern hairy red snail
southern heliocausta moth
southern kiore flea
southern ladybird
southern large darter
southern line-blue
southern maclystria
southern meat ants
southern michelin ant
southern one-year canegrub
southern pearl white
southern pinfly
southern plug ants
southern purple azure
southern pyrgomorph
southern rectangle plug ant
southern red mite
southern reptile tick
southern riffle darner
southern robber furnace ants
southern saltmarsh
southern sandy dung beetle
southern scorpion
southern sedge-darter
southern silver ochre
southern sluggish katydid
southern small shieldbacked katydid
southern tigertail
southern tyrant ants
southern vicetail
southern whistling moth
southern whitetip
southwestern billabongfly
southwestern micro katydid
sowthistle aphid
sowthistle aphid parasite
soya bean aphid
soybean aphid
soybean fly
soybean leafminer
soybean looper
soybean moth
Spanish rabbit flea
Spanish red scale
spear thistle seed fly
spearhead gumleaf katydid
spearwinged fly
speckled beauty ants
speckled cannibal ants
speckled cockroach
speckled grasshopper
speckled line-blue
speckled longicorn
speckled orchre
speckled pony ants
speckled redwing
speckled skimmer
speckled yrrhapta
speedy micro katydid
speedy swayer
spherical mealybug
spider ants
spider mites
spider pony ants
spider wasps
spiderhunting scorpion
spike awlsnail
spiketopped applesnail
spined citrus bug
spined predatory shield bug
spinehead dragon
spinelegged citrus weevil
spinetailed weevil
spinetailed weevil
sping fanwinged katydid
spinifex ant
spinifex skipper
spinifex small shieldbacked katydid
spinifex termite
spinifex vernal katydid
spinose ear tick
spiny ants
spiny epaulet ants
spiny jungle ants
spiny king cricket
spiny leaf insect
spiny rat mite
spiny sluggish katydid
spiny snout mite
spiny tigertail
spiny whitefly
spinychested percher
spinylegged katydid
spiraea aphid
spiral caddisflies
spiralling whitefly
spitfire grubs
spitting spiders
spittle bugs
spittle bugs
splended pennant ants
splendid emerald wasp {WA}
splendid ghost moth
splendid ghost moth
splendid gumleaf katydid
splendid jewel
splendid longlegs
splendid ochre
splendid tenebrionid
spoonwinged lacewing
spotless grass yellow
spotless grass-skipper
spotted alfalfa aphid
spotted alfalfa aphid parasite
spotted alpine xenica
spotted amber ladybird
spotted bandwing
spotted brown
spotted clover aphid
spotted crow eggfly
spotted cuckoo bees
spotted dusky-blue
spotted grass-blue
spotted grasshawk
spotted grass-skipper
spotted ground swift spider
spotted jezebel
spotted katydid
spotted kunzea moth
spotted leafhopper
spotted mountain grasshopper
spotted opal
spotted pea-blue
spotted predatory katydid
spotted rustic
spotted sedge-skipper
spotted skipper
spotted spurthroated locust
spotted vegetable weevil
spotted vegetable weevil
spottedgum psyllid
spotwinged threadtail
spring beetle
spring buzzer
springs flatwing
sprinkler squeaker
spruce aphid
spruce shoot aphid
spruce spider mite
spurlegged phasmatid
spur-throated locust
squamulata canegrub
squarenosed fungus beetle
square-spot basker
squash bugs
s-spot darner
St Andrew's cross spider
St Johns wort aphid
St John's wort leaf beetle
St John's wort leaf beetle
St John's wort midge
St John's wort rootborer
St John's wort stunt mite
St. Columba Falls caddis fly
stable fly
stag beetles
staghorn fern beetle
Stål's praxibulus
Stanley snail
starling mite
steelblue blowfly
steelblue ladybird
steelblue sawfly
steelblue sawfly
stellate scale
stencilled hairsteak
stick insects
stick insects
stilt bugs
stilt flies
stiltlegged flies
stingless bees
stink bug egg parasite
stink bugs
stink bugs
Stirling range trapdoor spider
stored grain fungus beetle
stored nut moth
stored product mites
stout sac spider
stout vicetail
straight swift
straw itch mite
straw itch mite
straw itch mite
strawberry aphid
strawberry bug
strawberry spider mite
strawberry thrips
strawberry weevil
streaked rictonis moth
stream flatwing
striate false wireworm
striated pearl white
striped acacia grasshopper
striped arboreal cockroach
striped desert cockroach
striped dung fly
striped field slug
striped flea beetle
striped foaming ants
striped island dwarf cricket
striped ladybird
striped mealybug
striped protolechia moth
striped raspy cricket
striped riceborer
striped swampdragon
striped swarming leaf beetle
striped swayer
striped threadtail
striped tree cricket
striped ungee-gungee
striped xenica
stripewinged meadow grasshopper
strobe ants
stumptailed lizard tick
subidaria moth
submetallic flea beetle
submetallic ground beetle
subterranean clover weevil
subterranean termites
subterranean termites {QL}
succulent mealybug
sugar ant
sugar ants
sugarbag bees
sugarcane and maize stemborer
sugarcane aphid
sugarcane armyworm
sugarcane borer
sugarcane bud moth
sugarcane butt weevil
sugarcane froghopper
sugarcane leaf beetle
sugarcane leafhopper
sugarcane looper
sugarcane mealybug
sugarcane monster
sugarcane planthopper
sugarcane planthopper mirid
sugarcane root aphid
sugarcane rust mite
sugarcane sandgrub
sugarcane scale
sugarcane scale
sugarcane soldier fly
sugarcane stalk mite
sugarcane weevil borer
sugarcane weevil borer parasite
sugarcane whitefly
sugarcane wireworm
sun flies
sun moths
superb emerald
superb katydid
supern spiny ant
surge flies
Surinam cockroach
swamp bluet
swamp darner
swamp darter
swamp flat-tail
swamp parrot ants
swamp rat louse
swamp tiger
swamp tigertail
sweetpotato beetle
sweetpotato leafminer
sweetpotato tortoise beetle
sweetpotato weevil
swift ghost moths
swift moths
swift sedge-skipper
swift spiders
swift tigertail
swordbrand grass-skipper
swordgrass brown
swordtailed flash
sycamore aphid
Sydney azure
Sydney brown trapdoor spider
Sydney flatwing
Sydney funnelweb spider
Sydney gumleaf katydid
Sydney hawk
Sydney huntsman spider
Sydney kelp fly
Sydney mono ants
Sydney mountain darner
symmomus skipper


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