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rabbit ear mite
rabbit fur mite
rabbit louse
rabbit mite
rabbit stickfast flea
racing furnace ants
radiata pine shoot weevil
ragwort crownboring moth
ragwort flea beetle
ragwort flea beetle
rainbow grasshopper
raincloud forest cricket
rainforest cruiser
rainforest elf
rainforest hunter
rainforest mystic
rainforest scorpion
rainforest tigertail
rainforest vicetail
raisin moth
raptor fly parasite
rare albatross
rare bladder cicada
rare red-eye
rare white-spot skipper
raspberry sawfly
rastrococcus mealybug
rat ear itch mite
rat flea
rat mite
rat tick
ratoon shootborer
rat-tailed maggot
raven bush fly
rayed blue
razor grinder
recluse spiders
red & blue damsel
red admiral
red and blue beetle
red arrow
red bandit
red baron
red belly
red blackboy
red clover thrips
red cocktail ant
red fairy
red field cricket
red flea
red footman moth
red fungus bug
red imported fire ant
red lacewing
red palm weevil
red roarer
red scale
red scale parasite
red scale parasite
red scale parasite
red scale parasite
red scale parasite
red spot rosechafer
red spotted jewel beetle
red stone centipede
red swampdragon
red tree ticker
red weevil
redback spider
redbacked weevil
redbanded jezebel
redbanded mango caterpillar
redbanded shield bug
redbanded thrips
redberry mite
redbodied swallowtail
redbreasted longtail
reddishbrown blowfly
redgum basket lerp
redgum lerp psyllid
redgum pit scale
redgum sugar lerp
redheaded mouse spider
redheaded pasture cockchafer
red-headed spider ant
red-headed strobe ant
redheaded whitegrub
redlands coryphistes
redlegged urnisa
redlegged catespa
redlegged earth mite
redlegged exarna
redlegged ham beetle
redlegged house spider
redlegged sand grasshopper
redlegged weevil
redlined geometrid
redlobed flash
red'n'black spider
red-n-black spiders
redrumped wisp
redshouldered ham beetle
redshouldered leaf beetle
redspotted jezebel
Redtenbacher's meadow katydid
redthighed macrotona
redtipped shadefly
redwinged lycid beetle
regal jewel beetle
regent skipper
repsimus beetle
reptile tick
resin bees
reticulated slug
reticulatedwinged booklouse
rhinoceros beetle
rhinoceros beetle
rhopaea canegrub
ribbed bagworm {QL}
ribbed case moth
ribbed grass snail
ribbed tea mite
ricaniid planthoppers
rice bloodworm
rice case worm
rice grasshopper
rice leaffolder
rice leafminer
rice mealybug
rice moth
rice root aphid
rice shoot fly
rice stem fly
rice stink bug
rice swift
rice weevil
ricespotting bug
Richmond birdwing butterfly
ring legged earwig
ringant termite
ringbarker phasmatid
ringed sawfly
ringed xenica
riverine sedge-skipper
robber flies
Robert's bird tick
robust fipurga
robust phaulacridium
robust white-wiskers
rock grass-dart
rock lichen moth
rock narrow-wing
rock ringlet
root mealybug
root-aphid ants
rootfeeding springtail
rosaceae leafhopper
rose anthelid
rose aphid
rose aphid parasite
rose scale
rose-grain aphid
rosette lac scale
Ross's black scale
rosy skimmer
Rothe's canegrub
Rottnest balloonwinged katydid
rough blue pony ants
rough bollworm
rough brown weevil
rough strawberry weevil
roughshouldered longicorn
round green hister
roundheaded pasture webworm
rove beetles
rovena jewel
royal ants
royal jewel
royal pennant ants
royal tigertail
rubber vine moth
rubost fanwinged katydid
rufous toadhopper
rugose weevil
rugulose canegrub
rust-red flour beetle
rusty grain beetle
rusty longhorned beetle
rusty millipede
rusty plum aphid
Rutherglen bug
rye thrips
ryegrass mealybug


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