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Pacific damsel bug
Pacific earwig
Pacific mealybug
Pacific pennant ant
paddle-tipped duskhawker
paddy bug
painted apple moth
painted cup moth
painted grasshawk
painted jewel beetle
painted lady
painted pine moth
painted pyrgomorph
painted sedge-skipper
painted skipper
painted strobe ant
painted vine moth
pale cerulean
pale chrysanthemum aphid
pale ciliated blue
pale cotton stainer
pale cup moth
pale damsel bug
pale darter
pale hunter
pale legged sugar ants
pale orange dart
pale orange darter
pale pea-blue
pale triangle butterfly
palebrown sawfly
palm aphid
palm aphid
palm leaf beetle
palm moth
palm seedborer
palm thrips
palm weevil borer
pandanus cockroach
pandanus grasshopper
pandanus mussel scale
pandanus stick insect
pangola grass aphid
papaya fruit fly
paperbark cicada
papernest wasps
papernest wasps
Papuan demoiselle
Papuan jewel
Papuan line-blue
Papuan tussock moth
paradise jewel
parkinsonia leaf bug
parkinsonia seed beetle
parrot ants
parsley aphid
parsnip seed wasp
parthenium leaf-mining moth
parthenium leafperforator
parthenium sap-feeding planthopper
parthenium seed-feeding weevil
parthenium stemboring weevil
parthenium stemgalling moth
particoloured auger beetle
paruna gumleaf katydid
parvula skipper
paspalum whitegrub
passionvine bug
passionvine hopper
passionvine leafhopper
passionvine mealybug
passionvine mite
pasture day moth
pasture mite
pasture snout mite
pasture tunnel moth
pasture webworm
pasture webworm
pasture webworm
pasture webworm
pasture webworm
pasture whitegrubs
Paterson's curse crown weevil
Paterson's curse leafminer
Paterson's curse pollen beetle
Paterson's curse root weevil
Paterson's curse stem beetle
Paterson's curse taproot flea beetle
pea aphid
pea blue
pea fly
pea weevil
peach silver mite
peach white scale
peacock awl
peacock jewel
peacock jewel moth
peanut bruchid beetle
peanut mite
peanut scarab
peanut scarab
peanut trash bug
pear and cherry slug
pear midge
pear root aphid
pear scale
pearl owl
pearleaf blister mite
pedicel ants
pelargonium aphid
pellet spider
pencil pine moth
pennant ants
penthearia moth
pepper fruitfly
peppermint looper
perfect spitting spider
pergid sawflies
Perth porraxia
Perth swayer
phantom army ants
Pharaoh's ant
phigalia skipper
phigalioides skipper
Philip Island spider cricket
Philippines fruit fly
phormium mealybug
picticollis canegrub
pied blue
pied flat
pied ringlet
pie-dish beetles
pig follicle mite
pig louse
pig mange mite
pigeon body louse
pigeon fly
pigeon louse
pigeon pea pod fly
pigmy wisp
Pilbara archtail
Pilbara billabongfly
Pilbara damselfly
Pilbara dragon
Pilbara emerald
Pilbara pin
Pilbara threadtail
Pilbara tiger
Pilbara wisp
pilliga grasshopper
pimplefaced bush cricket
pimple-headed hunter
pinara moth
pinara moth
pincushion millipedes
pindi moth
pine adelgid
pine adelgid
pine aphids
pine bark anobiid
pine bark weevil
pine ladybird
pine loopers
pine spider mite
pine stump weevil
pine witchetygrub
pineapple flat mite
pineapple mealybug
pineapple mite
pineapple scale
pineneedle scale parasite
pinhead wisp
pink blackwood leaftier
pink bollworm
pink cornworm
pink cutworm
pink grass yellow
pink ground pearl
pink leaf moth
pink scavenger caterpillar
pink sugarcane mealybug
pink tea rust mite
pink wax scale
pink wax scale parasite
pink wax scale parasite
pink-bellied moth
pinkgum lerp
pinkspotted bollworm
pinkwinged peakesia
Pinnaroo balloonwinged katydid
pirate spiders
pirate spiders
pit scales
pitchy scarab
pitted apple beetle
pittosporum beetle
pittosporum bug
pittosporum leafminer
pittosporum longicorn
plague soldier beetle
plague thrips
plain bush cricket
plain clepsydria
plain peakesia
plain pumpkin beetle
plain sand grasshopper
plain urnisa
plantain moth
plaster beetle
platform spider
platypus tick
pleasing grasshopper
plum leaf mite
plum pine aphid
plum scale
plumbago blue
plume moths
plumose scale
podsucking bug
poinciana longicorn
poinciana looper
poinsettia whitefly
pointed snail
pollen beetles
pollen mite
polyphagous pinhole borer
polysema skipper
pome looper
pond moth
pony ants
poplar gall aphid
poplar petiolegall aphid
Portuguese millipede
portulaca leafmining weevil
portulaca sawfly
possum ants
possum soft tick
possum tick
postage stamp jewel beetle
potato aphid
potato bug
potato flea beetles
potato moth
potato moth parasite
potato moth parasite
potato moth parasite
potato wireworm
potter wasps
poultry airsac mite
poultry body louse
poultry cyst mite
poultry feather mite
poultry fluff louse
poultry head louse
poultry red mite
poultry shaft louse
poultry stickfast flea
poultry wing louse
poultry-chewing lice
poultryhouse pill beetle
powdered flatwing
powdered wiretail
powderkeg longicorn
powderpost beetle
powderpost beetle
powderpost beetle
praying mantids
predacious diving beetles
predacious hister beetle
predatory mite
predatory mite
predatory mite
predatory mite
pretty grass mantid
pretty raspy cricket
pretty relict
pretty sluggish katydid
pretty terpillaria
pretty tigertail
prickly acacia seed beetle
prickly pear bug
prickly pear cochineal
prickly pear cochineal
prickly pear moth-borer
prickly pear red spider mite
prickly pear scale
prickly pear spider mite
primula aphid
princess flash
privet mite
processionary caterpillar
pronged epaulet ants
pruinose scarab
ptunarra brown
ptunarra xenica
pumpkin beetle
pumpkin bug
punctate flower chafer
purple azure
purple beak
purple brown-eye
purple cerulean
purple crow
purple dusk-flat
purple line-blue
purple moonbeam
purple moonbeam
purple oak-blue
purple scale
purple scum springtail
purple stone centipede
purple swift
purplefooted caloptila
purplefooted hairy rockhopper
purple-legged grasshopper
purplewinged mantid
putnam scale
pygmy crickets
pygmy furnace ants
pygmy grasshoppers
pygmy percher
pygmy sandgrinder
pygmy yellowtail
pyralid moths
pyrastis moth


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