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La Plata weevil
lac insects
lace bugs
laced fritillary
ladybird parasite
Lake Fenton trapdoor spider
Lake Pedder caddis fly
Lake Pedder caddis fly
Lake Pedder mayfly
lance flies
lantana cerambycid
lantana defoliator
lantana flower caterpillar
lantana gall fly
lantana lace bug
lantana lace bug
lantana leaf beetle
lantana leaf beetle
lantana leaf beetle
lantana leaf-floding caterpillar
lantana leafminer
lantana leafminer
lantana leafminer
lantana leafmining fly
lantana mealybug
lantana plume moth
lantana seed fly
lantana stemsucking treehopper
larder beetle
large ambrosia beetle
large ant-blue
large anthribid beetle
large anthribid beetle
large auger beetle
large bagworm {QL}
large banded awl
large black cucujid beetle
large black ground beetle
large blue lake mayfly
large bluestreak
large bronze azure
large brown azure
large brown mantids
large brown skipper
large carpenter bee
large citrus butterfly
large darter
large dingy skipper
large duck louse
large duskdarter
large dusky-blue
large false wireworm
large fern weevil
large forest pyrgomorph
large grass yellow
large green banded blue
large green jassid
large green sawfly
large hen louse
large huntsman spider
large leafeating ladybird
large leptops weevil
large longlegged spider katydid
large mango tipborer
large moonbeam
large pale clothes moth
large pardillana
large pond snail
large purple line-blue
large riverdamsel
large shoot weevil
large turkey louse
large water beetle
large winter leptocroca moth
large wiretail
large yellow grass-dart
larger wax moth
latania scale
laterite ochre
latrine fly
Launceston pseudoscorpion
lawn armyworm
lawn fly
Lawnhill black fly
leaf bagworm {QL}
leaf beetles
leaf case moth
leaf green Christmas beetle
leaf insects
leafblister sawfly
leafblister sawfly
leafblotch miners
leafcurl plum aphid
leafcurling spider
leafcutter moths
leafcutting bees
leafminer flies
leafminer fly
leafroller moths
leaf-rolling crickets
Lea's tree cricket
leawillea spider katydid
leek moth
left-handed pond snail
legume webspinner
Leichhardt's grasshopper
lemon bud moth
lemon migrant
lemontipped hunter
leopard grasshopper
leprea brown
leptocoris bug
lerp insects
lesser army ants
lesser armyworm
lesser auger beetle
lesser bladder cicada
lesser brown blowfly
lesser brown blowfly
lesser bulb fly
lesser coconut weevil
lesser dung flies
lesser duskhawker
lesser earwig
lesser ghost moth
lesser grain borer
lesser green emperor
lesser horned citrus bug
lesser house fly
lesser mealworm
lesser Queensland fruit fly
lesser rice swift
lesser rose aphid
lesser shoot weevil
lesser snappy ants
lesser Tasmanian darner
lesser wanderer
lesser wax moth
lesserhorned pony ant
Lesson's snoutnose
leucaena bruchid beetle
leucaena flower moth
leucaena psyllid
leucaniata moth
Lewin's bag-shelter moth
Lewis's laxabilla
Lexcen's vernal katydid
lichen case moth
lichen huntsman
lichen-eating caterpillar
lichi stink bug
lightbrown apple moth
lightbrown flea beetle
lightbrown sharptail
lilac grass-skipper
lilac hunter
lilly pilly scale
lillypilly psyllid
lily aphid
lily bulb mealybug
lily caterpillar
lily thrips
lima bean podborer
lime butterfly
line grass yellow
linear bug
lined spiders
link moth
litchi erinose mite
litchi gall mite
lithochroa blue
little black mono ant
little black mono ants
little black-knees
little cannibal ants
little dung fly
little flatwing
little marbled scorpion
little pasture cockchafer
little spiny ants
little striped wolf spider
little tyrant ants
little valentine ants
living stone
long horn beetles
long soft scale
longblack ladybird
longheaded flour beetle
longhorned caddis
longhorned caddisflies
longhorned grasshoppers
longicorn beetles
longlegged bandwing
longlegged flies
longlegged harvestmen
long-legged sandhopper
longnosed cattle louse
longnosed lycid beetle
longtail mealybug
longtailed balloonwinged katydid
longtailed duskdarter
longtailed fruitfly parasite
longtailed line-blue
longtailed marauding katydid
long-tailed mealybug parasite
longtailed microkatydid
long-tailed mouse louse
longtailed orb-weaving spider
longtailed pea-blue
Lord Howe flax snail
Lord Howe Island cicada
Lord Howe Island goblin ants
Lord Howe Island house fly
Lord Howe Island rectangle plug ant
Lord Howe Island stick insect
Lord Howe Island wax scale
Lord Howe mole cricket
Lord Howe scaled cricket
Lord Howe spiny katydid
louse flies
lovely grass snail
Lower's darter
l-spot basker
lucanid decay borer
Lucas's emerald
lucerne aphid parasite
lucerne bud mite
lucerne crownborer
lucerne crownborer
lucerne flea
lucerne leafcutting bee
lucerne leafeating beetle
lucerne leafhopper
lucerne leafroller
lucerne looper
lucerne seed wasp
lucerne seed web
lumpy beplessia
luna gypsy moth
lung mite
Lyell's swift
Lyn's spider katydid
lynx spiders


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