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AICN 1. Common Names
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daddy-longlegs spider
dainty grass-blue
Dämel's blue
Damper cave beetle
dampwood borer
dampwood termite
danaid eggfly
dance flies
dandelion thrips
dark cerulean
dark ciliated blue
dark darter
dark forest blue
dark glass-blue
dark grass-skipper
dark grey flat moth
dark hunter
dark mealworm
dark night mole cricket
dark opal
dark orange dart
dark pencilled-blue
dark purple azure
dark shield-skipper
Darke Peak shieldbacked katydid
darkheaded riceborer
darkling beetles
darkspotted tiger moth
dart tail wasps
Darwin brown crow
Darwin dapperia
Darwin ringlet
date palm scale
date palm spider mite
datura leaf beetle
Dawson River black fly
Dawson Valley snail
Dawson's burrowing bee
dayfeeding armyworm
Debaar's swayer
debris bug
decay weevil
deceptive macrotona
deceptive peakesia
delicate blue
delicate falseleaf katydid
delicate pearl white
delicate pony ants
delicate slater
delicate tigertail
delicate xenica
delphacid planthoppers
dendrobium mealybug
dengue mosquito
depluming mite
depressed flour beetle
desert emerald
desert funnel ants
desert muscleman ant
desert sand-skipper
desert screamer
desert spiny ants
Desjardin's flat beetle
destructive flour beetle
detritus ants
detritus moth
Devil's blue
Devil's coach-horse
Devil's rope pear cochineal
dewdrop spider
diamond beetle
diamond sand-skipper
diamondback moth
diamondback moth parasite
diamondback moth pupal parasite
Diana moonbeam
dieuches bug
Diggles's blue
diminutive ground cricket
dimpling bug
dimpling bug {TS}
dingo monster
dingy bushbrown
dingy dart
dingy darter
dingy darter
dingy grass-dart
dingy grass-dart
dingy grass-skipper
dingy jewel
dingy ring
dingy ringlet
dingy shield-skipper
dingy swallowtail
dingy swift
dinosaur ant
dirphia skipper
disappearing grasshopper
dispar skipper
diving grasshopper
dock aphid
dock clearwing moth
dock moth
dock sawfly
Dodd's azure
Dodd's bunyip
dodonaea moth
dog flea
dog follicle mite
dog louse
dog mange mite
dog nasal mite
dogbiting louse
dogsucking louse
dolly ants
dome headed tyrant ants
domestic container mosquito
dominula skipper
donnysa skipper
Donovan's amsacta
Doreen's predator mite
double drummer
double spined dolly ants
Doubleday's skipper
double-door trapdoor spiders
doubleheaded hawk moth
doublespotted cicada
doublespotted line-blue
Douglas fir adelgid
drab cockroach
Draparnald's glass snail
drepanid moth
dried fruit beetle
driedapple beetle
driedfruit beetles
driedfruit mite
drone fly
drugstore beetle
dryandra moth
drywood termites
duboisia flea beetle
duboisia leaf beetle
ducalis jewel beetle
dugalis jewel beetle
dull copper
dull cornelian
dull heath-blue
dull jewel
dull oakblue
dull purple azure
dune glider
dune ringtail
dung beetle
dupla scale
dusky grass-skipper
dusky pasture scarab
dusky riverdamsel
dusky spreadwing
dusty knight
dusty wings
dwarf pecdicel ants


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