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We wish to thank the editorial board, comprising Dr I.D. Naumann (CSIRO & Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer), Mr J.F. Donaldson (Queensland Department of Primary Industries), Dr M.J. Fletcher (New South Wales Department of Agriculture) and Dr M.B. Malipatil (Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment) as well as the following persons for reviewing sections of the AICN checklist or for their contributions to the 1993 database on which AICN is based:

  • [ARACHNIDA] V. Davies (Queensland Mueseum, retired); J.F. Grimshaw (NAQS, formerly QDPI); R.B. Halliday (CSIRO); M.S. Harvey (Western Australia Museum); D. Hirst (South Australian Museum); D. Kemp (CSIRO); D.C. Lee (South Australian Museum); B.Y. Main (University of Western Australia)
  • [COLEOPTERA] P.G. Allsopp (Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations); E.B. Britton (CSIRO, retired); J.F. Lawrence (CSIRO); E.G. Matthews (South Australian Museum); C.A.M. Reid (CSIRO, visiting scientist); R.I. Storey (Queensland Department of Primary Industries); T.A. Weir (CSIRO); E.C. Zimmerman (CSIRO, retired)
  • [COLLEMBOLA] P.J.M. Greenslade (AFFA)
  • [DIPTERA] D.H. Colless (CSIRO, retired); P.S. Cranston (formerly CSIRO); D.K. McAlpine (Australian Museum); E.N. Marks (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, retired);K.R. Norris (CSIRO, retired) M.A. Schneider (University of Queensland)
  • [HEMIPTERA] M. Carver (CSIRO, retired); G. Cassis (Australian Museum); P.J. Gullan (Australian National University); G.B. Monteith (Queensland Museum); M. Mounds (Australian Museum); the late K.L. Taylor (formerly CSIRO); T.A. Weir (CSIRO); D.J. Williams (Natural History Museum, London, retired); Dr M.J. Fletcher (New South Wales Department of Agriculture) and Dr M.B. Malipatil (Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment).
  • [HYMENOPTERA] A.D. Austin (University of Adelaide); T.F. Houston (Western Australian Museum); S. Shattuck (CSIRO); R.W. Taylor (CSIRO, retired)
  • [ISOPODA] A. Green (Tasmanian Museum, retired)
  • [LEPIDOPTERA] I.F.B. Common (CSIRO, retired); E.D. Edwards (CSIRO, retired); M. Horak (CSIRO); the late E.S. Nielsen (formerly CSIRO)
  • [MANTODEA] J. Balderson (CSIRO, retired)
  • [MOLLUSCA] B.J. Smith (Queen Victoria Museum, Research Associate); J. Stanisic (Queensland Museum)
  • [MYRIAPODA] D. Black (La Trobe University)
  • [NEUROPTERA] T.R. New (LaTrobe University)
  • [ORTHOPTERA] K.H.L. Key (CSIRO, retired); D.C.F. Rentz (CSIRO, retired)
  • [PHASMATODAE] K.H.L. Key (CSIRO, retired)
  • [PSOCOPTERA] C.N. Smithers (Australian Museum, retired)
  • [THYSANURA, ODONATA, ISOPTERA] the late J.A.L. Watson (formerly CSIRO)
  • [TRICHOPTERA] A. Neboiss (Museum of Victoria, retired); A. Wells (ABRS, formerly Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory)

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This website is based on the CSIRO Handbook of Australian Insect Names 6th edition, 1993. CSIRO retains intellectual property rights in the data upon which upon which the 1993 Handbook was based. CSIRO and AFFA jointly own the copyright to this web version.

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